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Welcome to our new Adventure. We are so excited to bring this new piece of us to the world. We get to show others what we do everyday and teach them about agriculture

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We offer and 2.5 hour tour where you will get to come on our farm and learn about us. We tell you about our family and where it all started to showing a video clip of "mostly" everything we do today, the list goes on. 


Then to the field we go 

Next, we take you out to the field to see the hands on part of the operation. This is an awesome part of our tour where you get to really experience the work we do. During the spring time we go over our crawfish crop and in the fall we go over our sugarcane crop, while covering rice, beans, and cattle in between. 

David, MS

"One of the greatest educational tours ever to learn about modern farming and crawfish production. It is family owned and operated and they are there to greet guest and answer every question. A must see stops for all travelers!"

Raymond, WA

"Had a blast learning about Sugar Cane crops and crawfish. Tracy went out on the harvest boat and the crawfish boil was off the hook. Highly recommended"

Monica, CA

"Best crawfish I have ever had!!! Amazing experience touring the crawfish farm and so awesome to experience the heart and passion the owners have for what they do. Treated us like family. I HIGHLY recommend this experience!"
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