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The Red Swamp Crawfish and it's brother, the White River Crawfish, are the two prominent species of Crawfish found in our ponds in Morganza. It is very common for us to catch both species of Crawfish in the same pond. White River Crawfish are seasonal spawners, typically spawning during the colder months in Louisiana. Interestingly though the Red Swamp Crawfish produces more, but smaller, eggs than the White River Crawfish but it is capable of spawning year-round in Louisiana.


We have seen the Red Swamp Crawfish overtake the White River Crawfish population as the months progress, we feel like that could be correlated to the increasing temperatures in South Louisiana as the White River Crawfish have shown to grow better and faster at lower temperatures. The abundance of one species or the other may vary among and within ponds over time, but the Red Swamp Crawfish most often dominates and is the most desired species in Louisiana. 


Did you know_ Crawfish can shed (molt) t

In normal growing conditions the Red Swamp Crawfish is capable of reaching weights in excess of 1.8 oz and sizes of 2.2–7.4 inches long. Additionally, the Red Swamp Crawfish is physiologically capable of tolerating relatively low dissolved oxygen concentrations, and can even tolerate dry spells of up to four months. The average lifetime of a Red Swamp Crawfish is five years.