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We’ve been catching crawfish for more than 25 years in our ponds located inside the Morganza Spillway. The quality of our crawfish and the service we deliver is what sets us apart.  We harvest, grade, and cool everything on our farm. This guarantees that you're buying the highest quality product and that quality begins with the water. Our crawfish are grown in rice ponds with fresh water wells and underground irrigation systems. That makes our crawfish the cleanest you’ll find on the market.

We will be kicking out our 2024 Season around Mid-March! We know everyone is ready for crawfish but they are not ready to be caught yet. We will start when the crawfish are the best quality!

Live Crawfish: Call us

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Did you know_ Crawfish can shed (molt) t


In normal growing conditions the Red Swamp Crawfish is capable of reaching weights in excess of 1.8 oz and sizes of 2.2–7.4 inches long. Additionally, the Red Swamp Crawfish is physiologically capable of tolerating relatively low dissolved oxygen concentrations, and can even tolerate dry spells of up to four months. The average lifetime of a Red Swamp Crawfish is five years. 

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