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Cole and Caroline's Story

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Cole and I (Caroline) were married in August of 2020 and moved to Morganza, La, where we currently call home. After much time and thought we both decided it was right to come work on the farm (Four Oaks) with Cole's parents, aunt, and uncle. Slowly, we began to learn the ropes and have taken on pretty big roles. Doing it together was a part of what we are trying to do for the future of our family. Cole's family has grown something small into something amazing, that I’m grateful o be a part of.

Cole has learned a lot about the sugarcane operation, which includes seed cane that can be sold to other farmers to be planted on their farms for the next years crop. As well as cutting and hauling Four Oaks sugarcane to the mill to be made into sugar. He has also been involved in the crawfish part of the farm, which has really grown into a huge operation. Cole has taken orders for wholesale crawfish to training men how to boil crawfish at both Boiling Branch locations. This past crawfish season was very busy and not having the time to cook, it was very convenient having the yummy wraps available at the Branch. (I believe he ate two a day for a few weeks, lol) So, The Boiling Branch has became a big part in provide a different aspect of the farm by involving Four Oaks' crawfish being sold cooked and ready to eat for our customers as well as having other items.

Starting out, I worked in the office helping pay bills and keep book work in order. It has taught me more in accounting and numbers, which has helping me in the business side. At times, the skills I have from being from a younger generation it has allow me to help figure out issues with some of the technology problems, lol. Having a background in customer service, I am building it further as I have began to grow in managing both locations. Both locations have so much protentional in becoming a great way to provide products for customers looking for the farm to table quality. Another piece of the farm we have both grown to love is the cows. We have grown through the past years and we hope to continue growing our knowledge. I keep the book work and Cole does the physical work as well as learning the marketing side.

We have grown to love every feature the farm has to offer. There are times where it can be challenging but having positivity, morality, and God at the top there is no better guide to help get you through the hard times. These things can also help you see why you were put here in the first place. Cole and I are joyful in the future for our family. The Frey Families have grown something so unique and I am grateful we have the opportunity to be a part of helping it continue.

Here is our video from our wedding, I hope you check it out!

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